VVOJ2012 Audio Verslag: cord blood and shady banking

Clea Caulcutt (UK) followed the trail of cord blood being banked in Belgium, France and the rest of Europe. Mothers throughout the EU are encouraged to privately bank the cord blood of their newborn babies. Cord blood contains stam cells, which the private banks say can be used to cure many diseases like Parkinson, cancer, etc. But this is far from proven and it seems more likely that this blood will never be used. Listen here to Part 1.

While investigating into private blood banks, Clea Caulcutt was in need of a Flemish speaking partner. Since the main cord blood bank they followed was based in Belgium and the Netherlands, many documents were in Dutch. Caulcutt explains about the cooperation with Tom Cochez. She is based in Paris, her partner in Belgium. Listen here to Part 2.

Verslag: Jasser Keustermans

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