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VVOJ launches WikiLeaks search engine

More than 50,000 people have visited VVOJ’s WikiLeaks search engine Cablesearch. Last week Henk van Ess, chairman of the Dutch-Flemish association of investigative journalists VVOJ, developed the search tool to help journalists analyze the more than 250,000 documents released on WikiLeaks in the last ten days. Journalists who use Cablesearch can now search the documents systemetically by tag or date.
Henk van Ess, who developed the search tool with the VVOJ and the European Center of Computer Assisted Reporting, says some cables have been edited since their publication on WikiLeaks, while some 35 cables have allegedly disappeared.
The VVOJ-chairman says a comprehensive analysis of all documents should help journalists trace these respective paragraphs. Speaking in various Dutch media outlets over the weekend, Van Ess emphasized the need for journalists to double-check the information displayed in the US diplomatic cables.
More about VVOJ’s Cablesearch and WikiLeaks in Dutch media:
Argos, Dutch investigative journalism radio broadcast, December 4, 2010 (report starts at 32:10 minutes).
EénVandaag, Dutch current affairs television show (Wikileaks report starts at 09:00 minutes into the broadcast), December 4, 2010.

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