Techniques for producing a story in multiple media: video-radio-print-the web

Discussing the techniques for producing a story/investigation in multiple media: video–radio–print–the web. Main points here are discussing how you can approach a major investigation with all media in mind from the outset. Each demands different types of information, interviewing, etc.. By knowing from the outset that a story will be carved into distinct media, can be strategic in your reporting. This is a major priority of CIR now. Mark Schapiro will lay out how this can be done. Also, the role of the web in providing additional backup and new ways of presenting stories: using flash art, animation, interactive graphics to convey the essential points of the story.

Speaker: Mark Schapiro
Moderator: Kristof Clerix

When? Saturday November 22st, 10.45 AM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, Room 3.13

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We are organizing an intensive master class on finding, validating and processing footage. Never before has the Washington Post given such an insight into its own methodology.

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