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Crossing Borders Through Company Records

Organized Crime groups in Eastern and Western Europe created over the past twenty years complicated commercial structures that stretch from Europe to South America. They use straw parties, off-shore havens, unaware citizens and corrupt solicitors in order to hide and grow their illegally obtained wealth. A new investigative reporter’s set of tools, tips and tricks enables journalists to track down the transcontinental businesses of organized crime. Comprising of three parts: a tips and tricks handbook, a compilation of databases which offer company data in many countries (including some off-shore havens) and a web tools section, this is a new tool for the investigative journalist interested in white collar organized crime.

Speaker: Paul Radu
Moderator: Jacqueline Wesselius

When? Saturday November 22nd, 9.00 AM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, 3th floor, Room 3.12

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