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Source mapping

When we decide to dig deeper, we fear that the list of possible sources is endless. But we do not want to lose time chasing the wrong people and documents. Visualizing software can help here. We use XMind (for both Windows and Mac) to draw a ‘map’ of all the possible sources regarding an issue. Once in a map, it is easy to pick your way to useful people, documents and data. What is more: Xmind offers the possibility to link from the map to the original documents or websites and to add contact info and even portraits to people. You will end up with a clear graphic picture of all the sources you do/can use and their relationships. A great tool for investigative teams who do want to share sources and ideas in a simple way.

Trainer: Luuk Sengers

When? Saturday November 22st, 10.45 AM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, Room 3.08

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