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Online social networking

This session shows the immense possibilities of the social network sites for journalists who want to spice up their coverage with stories of real people. The data speak for themselves: Myspace (120 million users), Facebook (100 million), Linkedin (25 million). Also Dutch/Flemish social sites are very popular with Hyves counting more than 7 million users and Netlog more than 35 million. In addition, user-generated platforms like Flickr and YouTube are gaining more and more subscribers.

If you want to write a story about a doctor who works in Iraq or want to check some facts of an explosion in Island with an eye witness, these social platforms can and will become your best friend. In contrast with the success of the social network sites with regard to subscribers, the number of people that are found through these platforms to be used in news stories is relative small. Most of the times, the journalists base their stories on the official sources and on well-known experts who are eager to talk about the news items. However, sometimes the more unknown sources are more interesting to giving a personal touch to the news stories or to reveal uncovered information.

During this session, I will present some of the most popular social platforms and demonstrate how one (both online and traditional journalists) can easily find the right man/woman on the right (virtual) place. A handout will be provided so that the participants can exercise these techniques at home.

Trainer: Michaël Opgenhaffen

When? Saturday November 22st, 9.00 AM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, Room 3.06

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