Stefan Heijdendael (English)

stefan-heijdendaelStefan Heijdendael (1974) works as a professional photographer since 1994. Since 1998 Heijdendael also works as an investigative journalist and documentary maker for VPRO’s Argos, the prime research program of the national newsstation in the Netherlands, Radio 1. His research-documentaries on the pharmaceutic industry, health care and a variety of other subjects led to numerous citations in the Dutch press and abroad. In 2002, Heijdendael won the prestigious Prix Europa. As a photographer, Heijdendael specialises in portraits, which are published in several leading magazines in the Netherlands. Heijdendael also had several Shows of his work in Leiden, Amsterdam, and Hilversum. Together with Sacha de Boer Heijdendael published ‘Behind The Looking Glass’, a photographic essay on the Dutch Media, which led to a show in the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, attracting more than 30.000 visitors.`


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