Annabell van den Berghe (English)

Annabell van den Berghe

Annabell Van den Berghe (twitter: @Annabellvdb) is a graduate in Middle-East studies and Arabic. She started working as a freelance print and broadcast journalist in Egypt in 2009. Since then she has been active as a writer for English media, among others Al Jazeera, Syria Deeply & Daily News Egypt. Her articles are also featured in Dutch and Belgian newspapers and magazines such as De Tijd, De Morgen, NRCnext, De Groene Amsterdammer, MO* & Knack. And she often writes in Arabic for Agency Fish and others.

Besides writing, she works as an interpreter of Arabic for English, Dutch, French and Spanish media. Regularly she also works as a media-producer for these companies.

She is also a sworn translator for Arabic and Egyptian colloquial and teaches Arabic as a guest lecturer at K.U.Leuven. She works as well as a consultant for the World Bank, on topics such as governance, financial management and procurement in the MENA region.


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