Arjan Dasselaar (English)

arjan_dasselaar.jpg Arjan Dasselaar (1975) is a regular contributor to Elsevier, the largest opinion weekly in the Netherlands; quality broadsheet NRC Handelsblad; broadsheet Algemeen Dagblad; business magazine Quote; Internet civil rights magazine; and the Dutch edition of Men’s Health. He is also a columnist for Personal Computer Magazine.

Since late 2004, he has been a member of a research team financed by Dutch public broadcasting service and Internet provider Planet Internet, which exposed death threats of Islamic terrorist suspect Jason W. against the Dutch Prime Minister.

In 2004, Arjan Dasselaar published a manual for Internet research, which has since become compulsory reading material at many Dutch polytechnics and universities. He has taught research methodologies since 2001. He taught at most of the large Dutch publishers such as Reed Business Information, PCM and the Weekbladpers, as well as at the European Parliament in Brussels. He was also involved in projects aimed at increasing journalism skills amongst Arab and Israeli reporters.

Before starting his own company in 2002, he worked for four years as the Internet editor-in-chief and staff reporter at Elsevier. In 2000, he was awarded an honorary distinction in the Dutch ‘Golden Quill’ competition (‘Gouden Pennetje’), an annual prize for promising young journalists, for his articles on information technology.


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