Jacqueline Wesselius (English)

Jacqueline Wesselius (1943) is the deputy editor of the Dutch trade magazine De Journalist and has been so from January 2001 on. She has been active as a journalist since late 1965. The first twenty years of her career she was a Paris-based correspondent for Dutch media. She learned the trade at the weekly De Groene Amsterdammer, and later worked also for radio and the daily newspaper de Volkskrant. Early 1985, she moved to Amsterdam, where she worked (in English and French as well as in Dutch) as a freelancer, for – among others – the Dutch daily newspaper Het Parool, the feminist monthly Opzij, the Boston-based The WorldPaper, Le Monde de l’Education and La Semaine Sociale Lamy.
As a (former) correspondent, she is used to treat a large scope of subjects – from cultural and social topics to law, politics, the economy or the environment. Nowadays, she specializes in all aspects of journalism and journalists. In 2001, after the first international conference on investigative journalism, she organised a get-together of Dutch and Flemish investigative journalists, followed by other small-scale meetings which led to the founding of the VVOJ.
Among the books she wrote, ‘Het Mijnenveld’ (The Mine Field, 1994) treats of journalism and ethics.

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