Kristof Clerix (English)

Kristof Clerix (1979) works as a journalist for MO*, a Belgian monthly magazine on international politics and globalisation ( He regularly reports from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and is specialised in topics such as defense, security, terrorism and secret services. In 2005 Clerix won the encouragement price of the Flemish-Duch Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ), with an article on the activities of foreign secret services in Belgium. “Vrij Spel”, a book on the same topic, was published in Dutch in October 2006. An updated and French translation is published in November 2008.

Journalist Kristof Clerix wins European Young Journalist Award 2010, maart 2010
Kristof Clerix on investigative journalism (video), VVOJ 2009
ReviewVrij Spel, Flemish journalists’ association.
Recensie Vrij Spel
Research by Kristof Clerix in Mo*
Kristof Clerix in VVOJ Yearbook 2005

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