Derk-Jan Eppink

© 2005 Mashid MohadjerinDerk Jan Eppink (born 7 November 1958) is a Dutch journalist and former cabinet secretary for European Commissioners Bolkestein and Kallas.

Eppink was born in Steenderen, Gelderland. He worked for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad before moving to Belgium in 1995, where he obtained work with De Standaard newspaper. In 1999, he received a position in the cabinet of European Commissioner Frits Bolkestein. Since 2005, he has worked as political analyst for the Belgian television network Actua-TV. As of 2007, Eppink lives in New York, but still writes for the weekly Flemish magazines Knack and Trends and for the Dutch weekly Elsevier about foreign policy.

In January 2007, Eppink received the 2006 Prize of Liberty from the Flemish think tank Nova Civitas. In March 2007, he launched his book Europese mandarijnen (Life of a European Mandarin), on his experiences in the EU bureaucracy. A lecture he gave about this subject and about the EU in general, at the Roosevelt Academy on 14 November 2007, can be viewed here. (source: Wikipedia)

Life of a European Mandarin (Saturday November 22nd, – 2.00 PM)

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