Mehmet Koksal

(31) is a freelance journalist working on minority issues. Belgian correspondent for Courrier international (French weekly), columnist-reporter for Tribune de Bruxelles (Belgian weekly), Points Critiques (Progressive Jewish monthly), Agence Alter (sustainable developing news agency) and others local newspapers, Mehmet won regional, national and international attention as the editor of the weblog “Humeur allochtone” (from 24/10/2003 to 29/10/2007) which ended after he was attacked by far-right supporters next to the US embassy in Brussels. Taking an immigrant bird-eye’s view on Belgian affairs with his ironic (sometimes sarcastic) and well documented style, Mehmet was regularly quoted by major Belgian newspapers and a regular host for the French and Flemish audiovisual media. As the son of a Turkish immigrant born and raised in Brussels, this young journalist regularly translated, explained and
commented minority issues taking some examples from his own life and experience. Considered by many journalist as “an independent window” to understand what’s going around the corner (within some ethno-religious communities living in Brussels), he is also working as a fixer for the international media. Mehmet Koksal is an elected Member of the Board of the AGJPB (Belgian General Association of Professionnal Journalists), he speaks fluently French, English, Russian, Dutch and Turkish.


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