The Investigators Toolbox

A demonstration of software that definitly should not lack on your computer. From iGoogle to Xmind and everything in between: Alerts, Feeds, Scanners, Read Email Notifiers, Desktop Searchers, Encryption programs, Automatic Backup Services, Webhistory, Telephone Voice Recorders, Quick Survey Software and Digital Files. Most of it is free software. But for less than € 200,00 you can get the whole package. And the best thing is: all tools run on Windows pc and Mac alike! It is the first time on a conference that so many digital tools are presented in a practical order. You will not only see a demonstration, but you will also learn ‘how’ and ‘why’ to integrate the tools in your next research project. Take this opportunity to turn your laptop into a powerful research machine that enhances your productivity and creativity.

Trainer: Luuk Sengers

When? Friday November 21st, 2.00 PM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, Room 3.08

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