Annet Daems

Annet DaemsAnnet Daems is coordinator of the Media expertise centre (MEC) of Mechelen University College (Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen, KHM). For the expertise centre she organizes specialized and market-focused courses in journalism and communication, conducts research on ‘Cross-media youth communities’ and is involved in a ‘Community media’ project: ‘JailTV’ for the prison of Mechelen.
She coordinated several international projects for journalism students e.g. Erasmus and ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ mainly in Italy since Italian is her second language. In her job as a lecturer she has been involved with research and desk research. KHM was pioneer for Belgium introducing ‘internet research’ as a real subject in the curriculum of the bachelor journalism program.
Annet Daems has a Master degree in Communication Science and specialized in man-machine interaction (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB).
Since 2007 she’s member of the board of directors of the Brussels Newspaper ‘Brussel Deze Week’. Since 2008 she’s also member of the Executive Committee of this Flemish paper.

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