Michaël Opgenhaffen (English)

Michaël Opgenhaffen is researcher at the Lessius University College Antwerp, Belgium in association with the Centre for Media Culture and Communication Technology (K.U.Leuven). He is involved in the Master of Journalism of Lessius where he teaches online journalism and online research (with a focus on computer-assisted reporting). In the past, he gave guest lectures at the University of Leuven, University of Leiden and the Media & Design Academy in Genk. Since a few years, he’s been giving workshops for journalists at the VVOJ conferences, mostly in the domain of online sources and CAR. Since his last year’s session about finding people online, journalists from Flemish and Dutch news media consulted him to find some personal details about people using the internet. The fact that he’s not a journalist but an online media scholar can shine a different light on the techniques that can be used by journalists. His Ph.D. research explores online journalism, new media and associated cognitive processes and investigates how online news producers can present the news in a way that a better level of knowledge is elicited. Last months he finished a project for the Flemish Government that investigated how the Flemish online news media can use innovative features and should be aware of the level of digital literacy of the online news consumers to be more comprehensible.

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