Bart van Eldert (English)

Bart van Eldert Bart van Eldert (1966) works as a health & science reporter for the Dutch national newspaper AD. He writes mainly in the field of health, medicine, nutrition and genetics, writing features on various items like humanoids, cloning,  the human brain and probiotics. Recently he wrote a dossier on the future of personalized medicine. For this story he got his own DNA scanned with genotype technology, looking for his own inherited traits and disease risk.
He learned to appreciate creative techniques when he was active in managing positions and as a project manager at AD and the regional newspaper Utrechts Nieuwsblad. He has experience in facilitating creative sessions in news, features and special projects for newspapers and journalism classes. Having worked in different news organisations, including national public television, he feels that the use of creative skills can lead to great stories in any newsroom.


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