Ad van Liempt (English)

Ad van Liempt (1949) is a Dutch journalist, publicist and producer of TV series. He started out at newspapers Het Centrum and Utrechts Nieuwsblad before he moved to the NOS Journaal to become chief of the national desk. In 1988, he contributed with Dutch historian Lou de Jong on the tv-series ‘De Bezetting’. In 1989, he initiated late-night current affairs show NOS-Laat (the predecessor of NOVA, of which he was editor in chief for several years).

In 1999, Van Liempt dreamt up the historical TV magazine ‘Andere Tijden’, the start of history’s revival in the Netherlands. He published several books, among which Kopgeld (on the people who helped persecute the jews in Holland in World War II), a biography on Prince Bernhard and a monograpgy of the main Dutch news programme NOS Journaal. Since 2006, Van Liempt is lector in investigative journalism on TV at the Hogeschool Utrecht. (Source: Wikipedia)

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