Paul Myers (English)

Paul first used the Internet in 1978 and the Web in 1993. He joined the BBC as a junior researcher two years later and was employed in the complex task of cutting up newspapers with a big pair of scissors. Later, progressing to the role senior information researcher, Paul would find information for dozens of programmes every day. It was this discipline that taught him the need for speed, innovation and accuracy. With his previous computer experience, Paul was able to blend the worlds of journalism, research and the Internet, spot technical tools that could be exploited by journalists and develop the techniques that are now being taught as standard across the industry. He has also helped develop BBC editorial policy for this new field of work.

Part of Paul’s role at the BBC involves working closely with investigations, providing support and solutions to tricky problems involving the internet. These range from effective techniques for undercover infiltration of online communities, to teasing almost impossible to find information from web servers.

During his thirteen years with the BBC, Paul has worked on thousands of programmes across all media. Given his personal preference for investigative work, he tends to gravitate towards current affairs programmes like Panorama and consumer programmes like Watchdog.

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Top Tools & Techniques for Online Investigations, VVOJ Conference 2008

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