Andrew Jennings

Andres JenningAndrew Jennings has been chasing bad men around the world for three decades.  The 1980s was spent pondering the relationship between London’s top gangster and the city’s top detective, making a one-hour documentary the BBC will still not show. He quit and with Paul Greengrass remade it for the BBC’s biggest rival.  He spent a decade investigating the International Olympic Committee, revealing – with moving pictures – that the IOC’s president was once a jackbooting Franco fascist got him a 5-day jail sentence in Switzerland because they just couldn¹t believe it was true. Currently Andrew is the only reporter in the world banned from FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s press conferences. He thinks this is because of his unique archive of confidential FIFA documents demonstrating the chasm between the organisation’s stated ideals and a leadership entranced by contract kickbacks, industrial-scale ticket rackets, racism and the occasional burst of anti-Semitism. His new book about FIFA is in 12 languages, despite an attempt in Switzerland to have it banned globally. At other times Andrew has been terrified by artillery in Beirut, charmed by the Sandinistas and disgusted by Utah polygamists.

The biggest Global Scams – Saturday November 22nd – 10.45 AM


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