The program contains several special ‘tracks’. If you follow a particular track, you will be able to participate in all the important workshops and training sessions on the subject of your interest. The track subjects are:

‘Project Europe’
Want to learn everything about Europe in just two days? During these sessions, you will be immersed in the ‘bath tub’  of European institutions, reporting, lobbying, money, melting pot of identities and religions and much more. At Europe’s headquarters, the dream of a “United States of Europe’ floats through the corridors. But Europe is neither a state, nor an international organization. Europe is a project in the making, and thus an exciting challenge for investigative journalists!

‘Managers track’
A special track with  workshops for editors in chief, publishers, newsroom chiefs and managers. Have lunch of Friday afternoon with Nick Davies, who will apply the lessons from his book Flat Earth News  to your organization. See how you can generate scoops with only a bare minimum of finances  (still some €500 lying around?). And find out how you can organize your newsroom so you’ll have time and personnel to spare for investigative projects.

‘Data on a platter’
VVOJ walks a different path this time in Brussels. While governments slam the door into journalists’ faces more and more, there are still warehouses full of data just waiting to be discovered by journalists who can handle their numbers and facts. And thus the computer assisted reporting classes more than ever focus on handling data and numbers. Where do you find them, and how can you turn them into compelling stories?

‘Internet inside out’
Another promising trend: journalists more and more distribute their stories through the internet themselves. To some a useful addition to their daily chores, to others the perfect way to avoid newsrooms that are not interested in investigative projects.
How do you build an interesting website? Where do you find exactly what you are looking for? Make the internet work for you!

‘Wobbing Europe’
Filing freedom of information (FOI) requests is often perceived as difficult and time consuming. But it is highly rewarding, makes for great stories and is not nearly as hard to do as you may think. Meet Europe’s best FOI specialists, and exchange experiences with colleagues from all over the continent. And go home energized and full of ‘wobbing’ idea’s!