On Friday Afternoon, immediately following the start of the conference at the Marriott Hotel, the European Investigative Journalism Conference will provide publishers, managers and editors in chief with a special ‘track’ of panel sessions, catered towards the needs of those in charge of news rooms and media outlets. You will have to sign up separately for these panel sessions, to thus provide you with the privacy that management level discussions might warrant. Use this form to register for the managerstrack.

Lunch – during a private lunch, Nick Davies will apply the lessons and theories from his best seller Flat Earth News to the managerial process.

• ‘The $500 project’- Internet specialists Mike Schrenk and Henk van Ess will show you how to find breaking news with minimal investment. They did it before (and will show you), and they can make it work for you.

Going deep: Investigative method and managementMark L. Hunter will provide managers with an introduction into the training program he developed to give journalists cutting-edge tools and processes to create independent, exclusive content that builds value for readers, viewers ánd enterprises.

Moderator: Margo Smit

At 17.30, you will join the other conference participants again for a reception drink at the Brussels Stadhuis, followed by dinner at La Tentation.

Book early for this managerstrack, the number of available seats is limitted. Use this form to register.

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