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Working with domain tools gives you a head start above normal reporter. Learn how to find out the newest sites and keep track of changes. (For experienced users).

The Domain Name System (also known as DNS) is the naming protocol used identify nearly every server and service on the Internet.  DNS is integral  to the operation of the Internet, and due to the way it functions, the Domain Name System is also a potential storehouse of information for online investigators. However, you can only access this information once you understand how DNS works, and the more you learn, the more information you can mine from the Domain Name System database.

On the surface, the Domain Name System appears to be a quick way to merely identify who owns a domain name and how long they have owned it. With a little more effort, and the knowledge of a few little known tools, you can use the Domain Name System to identify all of the websites owned by an organization, which websites are hosted on specific servers—or, use domain name registration to predict an organization’s strategic plans. Dig a little deeper into DNS and you can learn to verify if an email was sent by the person you think it was sent by, or to learn who is visiting your website or identify what countries web traffic originates from.

In this session, you will also learn advanced DNS secrets that describe how computer hackers use the Domain Name System in unintended ways. For example, you will learn how it is possible to query DNS servers to identify what people are viewing online, when they viewed it, their approximate physical location and even if two companies are exchanging email.

After this session, you’ll know how to use a variety of DNS tools, some web based and others that run on your computer like; dig, whois, tracert. Additionally, you will also know the significance of the agencies RIPE and ARIN and how to access their databases.

Trainer: Mike Schrenk

When? Friday November 21st, 2.00 PM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, Room 1.10

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