Wobbing EuropeWhat is wobbing? Wobbing is a verb, it derives from the name of the Dutch and Flemish laws: Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur, which means Law about the Openness of the Administration. The volunteer journalists behind the website Wobbing.eu aim to inspire and support journalists to use their right of freedom of information as a journalistic tool. Wobbing.eu aims to build a network too, where journalists can meet and exchange experiences. Wobbing.eu aims, finally, to watch developments in order to further stronger legislation useful for journalists. Brigitte Alfter (born in Germany, based in Brussels and Copenhagen) has covered European affairs and EU-matters for a number of years. She uses freedom of information legislation as a journalistic tool and conducts training on the subject. She is knowledgeable in media and minority issues.

Speaker: Brigitte Alfter (editor in chief wobbing.eu)
Moderator: Karel Platteau (editor wobbing.eu)

When? Friday November 21st, 3.45 PM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, Room 3.13

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This wobbing-track is made possible thanks to VVOJ, Wobbing Europe and the Open Society Institute.