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Minorities in Europe

How to look at minorities in Europe?
In times of globalization when towns all over the world are looking more and more identical journalists in the tradition of Truman Capote and Tom Woolfe are looking for their own identity and roots. Apparently with a lot of success. The ‘New Journalism’ of the seventies for some years now is experiencing a revival. How do literary journalists work? How do they proceed to detect the best sources? How do they assemble exact data? How do they succeed in writing the most fascinating stories?

Pascal Verbeken, journalist and Flemish author of the price winning book ‘Poor Wallonia’ and the Turkish journalist Mehmet Koksal living in Brussels and working for Courrier international reveal their secrets. Pascal Verbeken explains how he launched a search for the poor Flemish emigrants that left their villages at the beginning of the past century when Flanders was one of the poorest regions in Europe to live in the highly industrialised Wallonia at that time one of the richest areas in the world. Mehmet Koksal shows how he as a Turkish journalist has a huge advantage in covering multicultural society, giving plenty of suggestions how to deal with multicultural reporting.

Speakers: Pascal Verbeken & Mehmet Koksal
Moderator: Marleen Teugels

When? Friday November 21st, 3.45 PM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, 3.15

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