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European cash flow

The dark side of European cash flow
How do you trace illegal cash flows? How do you deal with information from criminals and other dubious sources? Italian journalist and economist Loretta Napoleoni specializes in the informal and criminal money markets of Europe. She wrote, amongst others, the books ‘Rogue Economics‘ (2008) and ‘Terror Incorperated; Tracing the Dollar behind the Terror Networks‘ (2005). She depicts the dark sides of globalization, based on informal talks with confidential sources, but based even more on ‘open source’ information: statistics and documents. Her masterclass focusses on reporting from within the informal, illegal ‘rogue economics’.

Speaker: Loretta Napoleoni
Moderator: Robert Sikkes

When? Saturday November 22st, 9.00 AM
Where? Erasmushogeschool, Room 3.13

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