Introduction Brussels 2008

The VVOJ is working on the programme. The conference programme consists of three plenary sessions, at least 15 panel sessions, 20 hands-on computer training sessions, demonstrations and roundtable sessions, a managerstrack, two receptions, and a celebration dinner.

All sessions concentrate on the exchange of ideas, research methods, and techniques.
A panel session will generally have two speakers and a moderator. In exceptional cases there may be three speakers, or a presentation by one speaker, in that case we’ll have lots of room for questions and debate.
A round table does not have a prepared programme. The idea is that people interested in trans-national cooperation on a particular topic can meet in an informal atmosphere. Each round table will have a moderator.
The computer training sessions will cover various topics, from (advanced) online searching to data analysis. Capacity for training sessions will be limited, as everyone must have a place at computer. Advance sign up is necessary.

The opening session (plenary session) will take place on Friday at the five star Marriott Hotel.

After the session on Friday afternoon, there will be a reception at The Town Hall on the Grand’Place in Brussels (on the famous marketplace and with the cooperation of Duvel) for all conference participants. On Friday evening, the Celebration Dinner takes place for those who registered or were invited, at La Tentation.

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