Henk van Ess (English)

henkv Dutch born Henk van Ess, is according to The Economist, New York Times and CNBC ‘a multimedia expert, investigative reporter and a technology buff’. He currently (2010) chairs the VVOJ.

Henk teaches internet research & multimedia / cross media at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Erasmusuniversiteit in Rotterdam, the Katholieke Hogeschool in Mechelen (Belgium) and Henri Nannen Schule in Hamburg (Germany). He is often quoted in media, talking about current web topics.

Henk has a long record of implementing internet projects through practical labs for board, management and employees. Van Ess is also speaker, host, author (latest: The Google Code, Pearsons) , chairman of the VVOJ (Dutch-Flemish organization for investigative journalists), internet trainer and strategic internet consultant for radio, TV, magazines and newspapers.

Henk trained over 2500 professionals in the practical and critical use of web, multimedia, social media, cross media and internet research. He gave workshops for media in Europe, US and Canada, f.e. Spiegel, Die Zeit, AD, ABC, CBC, FD, HDC, NOS Sport, NRC, Zembla, VRT, NCRV, KRO, AVRO, FD, VN, Volkskrant) and for companies and government (Philips, ABN AMRO, Commissariaat voor de Media, Consumentenbond, KLPD, Ministerie van Justitie, Ministerie van Landbouw, police, Dutch libraries).

Henk is also deeply involved in worldwide training of reporters and multimedia specialists. He is cofounder of the European Centre For Computer Assisted Research, founded in 2008 and is a regular speaker on world conferences about ‘digital digging’.

Van Ess patrons DMOZ.NL, Cave Your Trolls, and member of several think tanks for new internet concepts, new open source software and Web 2.0 applications. He is the former head of internet at, the second newspaper in The Netherlands. As a hobby, he publishes websites about internet research. One of them, (Dutch), was quoted on the official Google Blog under ‘What We’re Reading’.

investigative journalism, data driven journalism, cross media, social media, multimedia, internet search, internet consultancy, media labs

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